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Water Treatment Solution

Allied Techno Services (Pvt) Ltd offers a variety of green, innovative and non-chemical technological solutions to address a range of difficult issues experienced by the industrial sectors. From scaling, corrosion, and bio-fouling control at cooling towers to emission abatement in power plants, we have the answers to the most pressing problems faced by the modern world today.

ScaMag – Boiler Water Treatment System

The ScaMag system utilizes the patented Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) technology to treat water with an electronic pulse through ionization. It effectively controls scaling and corrosion within the boilers, exhibiting excellent results without the use of any chemicals. This unique system saves cost, water, and energy, causing no harm to the environment and health.

No chemicals involved.
Effectively saves energy.
Preserves the environment.
Low equipment maintenance costs.
Low operating power costs.
24- hour water treatment.
No major human skill required for the maintenance process.

BacComber – Cooling Water Treatment System

BacComber utilizes the patented Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) electromagnetic wave to treat cooling water without the use of any chemicals. It is proven to be effective in controlling corrosion, scaling, and biological growth as an all-in-one solution for your water treatment.

Eco-friendly; no chemicals involved.
Prevents environmental pollution – no chemical blow down to earth.
Saves water by recycling the discharged water.
Cost-effective sustainable product.
Lower energy consumption.
Non-hazardous working environment; improved safety.
Hassle-free installation and maintenance.

The Hydroball System – Chiller Condenser Tube Cleaning System

The Hydroball System is a Non-Powered Automatic Tube Cleaning System (ATCS), that aims to deliver cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions, with a measurable reduction in resource consumption by keeping the condenser tubes free from fouling and scaling, guaranteeing optimal performance at all times.

Lower cost of installation compared to other forms of power generation.
No fuel costs required to run the system.
No carbon emissions released into the atmosphere.

ECR – Electro Contaminant Removal System

ECR is a wastewater treatment solution, which utilizes a unique electrocoagulation treatment profile. This system is designed to remove a whole spectrum of contaminants from wastewater, including suspended colloidal solids, harmful gases, heavy metals, colour, grease, bacteria, and viruses.

Comparatively low operating costs.
Less processing time.
Low maintenance.
Minimal sludge.
Less land space for treatment.
Processes multiple contaminants.
Reliable and consistent results.

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